Renewable EnergyTechnologies Theme

Ten GNESD Member Centres have contributed to the second phase (RETs II) of their investigations into the contribution that renewable energy technologies (RETs) could make to alleviating poverty in the developing world.

In the first phase (RETs I), the participating Centres made a general assessment of the renewable energy sector in different regions/countries. They then identified particular situations for which there seemed to be a favourable combination of energy requirements, resources, technologies and capacities with a high potential for poverty alleviation and that could be implemented in the short and mid term. Such a situation is referred to as a ‘niche’; it is a situation in which certain identified RETs could make a significant contribution towards poverty alleviation.

RETs II goes a step further in terms of the assessment of selected niches, with each Centre focusing on: identifying the benefits that selected RETs could bring; the main barriers to their widespread dissemination; and the formulation of policy outlines and instruments to overcome the barriers.

Summary for Policy Makers

GNESD (2007) Renewable Energy Technologies and Poverty Alleviation: Overcoming Barriers and Unlocking Potentials. RETs II, Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD), Summary for policy-makers.

GNESD (2006) Poverty Reduction - Can Renewable Energy make a real contribution? RETs I, Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD), Summary for policy-makers.

Technical Country Reports

AFREPREN (2005) The Potential Contribution of Non-Electrical Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) to Poverty Reduction in East Africa. RETs Technical Report, Kenya

AIT (2006) Report on Role of Renewable Energy for Productive Uses in Rural Thailand. RETs Technical Report, Thailand

AUB (2005) Renewable Energies Technologies Contribution and Barriers to Poverty Alleviation in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. RETs Technical Report, Lebanon

CENBIO-COPPE (2005) Renewable Energy Technologies To Improve Energy Access In Brazil. RETs Technical Report, Brazil

ENDA-TM (2005) The role of renewable energy in the development of productive activities in rural West Africa: the case of Senegal. RETs Technical Report, Senegal

ERC (2005) Renewable energy technologies for poverty alleviation Initial assessment report: South Africa. RETs Technical Report, South Africa

ERI (2005) Renewable Energy Options In Improving The Life Of Western Rural Poor Population In China. RETs Technical Report, China

FB (2005) Report on Renewable Energy Technologies in Argentina. RETs Technical Report, Argentina

TERI (2005) RETs theme Renewable energy in South East Asia for improving access to energy (With focus on India and Nepal). RETs Technical Report, India
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