Outcome Analysis


The Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development (GNESD) operated from 2003-2015. In addition to understanding how the Network was established, how it sustained its relations and organised its activities across borders, we undertook an 'Outcome Assessment' as a means to understand the extent to which, and how, the Network was able to influence change within the participating countries.

 Outcome Assessment Report 




Click to download the Supplementary material on seleceted Outcomes of GNESD

Based on the findings in the Outcome Assessment report, UNEP DTU Partnership has prepared a journal paper reflecting on the lessons learned from managing and coordinating a South-South global knowledge network. The paper Reflections on experience with the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development as a South-South global knowledge network was accepted and published by the journal Energy for Sustainable Development in November 2016.




25 OCTOBER 2021