Overcoming Barriers to Enable Affordable and Cleaner Energy Access for Urban and Rural Poor

Thursday 07 Feb 13
December 2011: GNESD hosts meeting on Energy Access

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(From left: Abeeku Brew-Hammond (Energy Centre, Ghana), Kwame Nkrumah (University of Science and Technology, Ghana), Richenda Van Leeuwen (UNF), Arvinn Gadgil (Minister for International Development, Norway), Reid Detchon (UNF), Francis Yamba (Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering, Zambia) and John Christensen (GNESD)

The meeting was opened by GNESD co-chair Thomas Johansson and chaired by John Christensen (Head of GNESD Secretariat). Laura Cozzi, Deputy Head, Office of the Chief Economist, International Energy Agency (IEA) presented an overview on the recently released IEA’s report on ‘Energy access status and financing issues’. This was followed by a talk by Reid Detchon, Vice President, Energy and Climate, UN Foundation who spoke on Sustainable Energy Year for All & the UN Secretary General’s Initiative. Radha Muthiah, Executive Director, Global Alliance on Clean Cookstoves (GACC), UN Foundation Gave an overview on GACC’s activities indicating that GACC is a public-private initiative aimed at developing a thriving global market for clean and efficient stoves in addition to improving livelihood, empowering women and combating climate change. Highlights from the GNESD work on Bioenergy for Energy Access and Rural Development prepared by Suani Coelho (Director, CENBIO and GNESD Member) and Emmanuel Ackom (Manager GNESD) was presented by Suani Coelho.

The session concluded with a joint presentation from the work GNESD is undertaking for IRENA on Electrification from Renewables by Steve Karekezi, Executive Director, AFREPREN/FWD and Daniel Bouille, Vice President, Foundation Bariloche (FB).


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