Thematic studies

The work in GNESD is theme driven and carried out on the basis of Working Groups consisting of representatives from the participating Centres of Excellence. The mode of operation is to select a theme coordinator from the developing country member centres. This theme coordinator then guides and facilitates the participating centres in their detailed research work and ensures the progress made by the centres complies with the agreed terms and conditions. The coordinator is also responsible for a peer review process and producing a technical synthesis report summarising all the country studies.

Each Theme Study usually takes 8-10 months to conduct and the results from the study are published as policy papers and presented at the yearly COP Climate Conferences in November/December or at another global energy related event. A Theme study consists of technical country reports from each of the centres, a synthesis report compiled by the theme coordinator, a policy paper produced by the secretariat summarising findings from the country reports and finaly a short Summary for Policy Makers communicating key messages from the theme study to policy makers. 

GNESD has since its initiation conducted studies within the following themes:

Biofuels Theme (2011 - present)
Urban Peri-Urban Energy Access Theme (2008 - present)
Bioenergy Theme (2010 - 2011)
Energy Security (2008-2010)
Renewable Energy Technologies Theme (2005 - 2007)
Energy Access Theme (2003 - 2005)

The current thematic study being carried out is the Urban Peri-Urban Energy Access Theme Phase III (UPEA III) study coordinated by TERI. The UPEA III Summary for Policy Makers is expected finalised early 2013.