African Outreach Pilot

The African Outreach Pilot is an outreach activity with the aim of strengthening the impacts of GNESD. It is involving the three Sub-Saharan African centres AFREPREN, ERC and ENDA.

This pilot activity is forming the basis for further engagement of all member centres in outreach and awareness activities. Following the experience learned from the pilot activities, activity plans for each Member Centre will be established.

The increased outreach efforts at the Centre level is considered the main way of increasing the impact of GNESD, in combination with policy dialogue engagement with national and/or regional panels of policy makers (see Policy Dialogue Panels for more information).

The African Pilot Outreach Facility has commenced with two workshops in South Africa on 2-4 April and 3–4 May 2012 respectively where GNESD presented the keynote speech on the UN Sustainable Energy for All year and findings from GNESD work in the Energy Access domain. The workshops involved policy makers, academics, utility companies and practitioners. This is an ongoing activity where outreach facility workshops will be held at all 3 regional centres of excellence in Africa in 2012.